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Published Oct 05, 21
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In order to execute transactional information reporting on a monthly basis, systems would need to be constructed, or existing systems would need to be personalized to collect, consolidate, and report the information to GSA. Little company participants to the study reported that it would handle typical 230 hours for initial start-up time.

It is GSA's position that the rules compliance expense is offset by modifications to the price reduction stipulation. The rate decrease stipulation is one of the most pricey provisions of MES agreements, and our members would invite a genuine modification. The union has long taken the position that the clause ought to be removed as it has outlived its effectiveness in ensuring that granted agreement costs stay fair and reasonable throughout the agreement term.

The federal acquisition guideline supplies that when performing a rate analysis utilizing previous prices, the previous cost needs to be a legitimate basis for contrast. If there has been a significant time lapse between the last acquisition and today one, if the conditions of the acquisition are substantially various, or if the reasonableness of the previous cost doubts, then the prior price may not be a legitimate basis for a comparison.

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I desire to thank you for your time, and I look forward to addressing your questions. And I think due to the fact that votes are going on and Congressman Takai is going to introduce our next witness, then we would like to get some questions in, it is probably a proper time to break, adjourn for a few minutes.

Three, the proposed rule is subject to abuse that can lead to substantial damage to contractors, particularly small company contractors. As we have heard, GSA estimates that it will take 6 hours to at first carry out the treatments needed to record the transactional data, and approximately 31 minutes per month for ongoing reporting.

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Based upon my experience, the effort required by the proposed guideline will take significantly more time and expense than approximated by GSA. A specialist can not just gather and report the details but also needs to ensure that the information is current, accurate, and total. Otherwise, the contractor will risk an allegation of scams under the False Claims Act, as has been the case with basically every other form of expense report submitted by professionals to the government.

Specialists that rely on the other value-added terms and conditions will be unable to complete and will eventually leave the government market. GSA itself acknowledges that it has actually used transactional information under tactically sourced contracts to drive down rates.

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In my view, GSA needs to not proceed with implementation of this guideline until these fundamental problems have been addressed. Chairman HANNA. I am going to ask Ranking Member Takai if he would like to ask the first concerns since we have no other-- alright, I will be delighted to.

I wish that GSA was here to defend this. It would be a much more intriguing conversation, however I do not believe it would be any more practical given that the prevalence of this is that they do not desire to do it because it is too expensive for them, and yet they are asking you to do it, which plainly, even if you took the numbers that are suggested and cut them in half, you would have to state it is not worth it, particularly because they currently have the information and they just have to use it the way they desire to use it.

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I believe-- Chairman HANNA. Mr. WALDRON. Well, you understand, I indicate, I believe from GSA's perspective, and I can not truly speak for them, they are browsing for what they think and implementing what they think will drive lower prices.

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And as the other panelists here have actually shown and you have discussed as well, you know, finest worth because context with regard to procurement is crucial to fulfilling client requirements. And I think a number of these things, whether it is the demand-based design, it is information reporting, they also have brand name part number reporting requirements now and UPC code reporting requirements that regardless of discussions with GSA about the expenses imposed by those, they are driving to a lower cost design.

They are increasing-- this rule is a prime example of that (GSA SER Software). It is being asked as part of-- there is a new initiative, too, the competitive prices effort that is going on where GSA is not doing its own independent examination of the info with regard to horizontal prices; they are shooting it over the transom to the specialist and asking the professionals to do the analysis to attempt to describe why their rate is not as low as some other company's cost, and there is issues whether it is unauthorized resellers.

There are all kinds of other issues that GSA should be looking at. Our members would like to see a focus on streamlining the procedure; highlighting competition at the task order level; investing in the electronic systems, whether it is GSA Advantage or e, Purchase to make it more efficient, more efficient, more transparent.

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And essentially, what we are seeing at the end of the day-- I like to put it in these terms. When you are carrying out at a government contract, there are two kinds of expenses. There is a direct expense of performance that is actually accomplishing the job or providing the product that the government wants.

In the context of the GSA Schedules program, that overhead cost is ending up being a larger and bigger piece of the pie, and that is not value-added to the federal government or the American individuals. And the direct cost, the real efficiency, is getting smaller sized. Which is not a recipe for finest worth in the long run.

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Is it safe to say that all these reforms cost cash and push individuals out of the market, include to bureaucracy but do not assist the procedure, and at the end of the day really cost more? I believe that is a fair description of much of what is with regard to the GSA Schedules program in particular.

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